About Chilly Paste Co.

Just Open, Pour and Cook!

Our chilled sauces, pastes, and marinades help create fresh, delicious meals in under 30 minutes.

We also offer roasted spice blends and pantry essentials to support your meal-making experience every step of the way.

At Chilly Paste Co., we 'Paste it Forward' by donating a portion of revenue and our time back to the community.


  • To empower people in the kitchen and cook on their own terms.
  • To deliver convenient and easy-to-use meal bases with healthy ingredients and delicious flavours, while keeping it high quality and affordable. What’s important to you is important to us!
  • To create food products with a minimum of waste, with an emphasis on recyclable items.
  • Good Food = Good Mood

    Our overall mood and health are directly linked to what we eat and for that reason, we use fresh, clean ingredients

  • Cook what you want – When you want

    Versatile meal bases with several applications in under 30 minutes.

  • No nasties added

    What's important to you is important to us!

  • You do YOU!

    Free up time your time for what matters.

    Stay ahead in life and in the kitchen!

  • Empowering Creativity in the Kitchen

    We're driven by a deep-seated passion for food and a genuine desire to inspire creativity, connection, and joy in every kitchen.

  • Curiosity

    We are lifelong learners who gain deep knowledge through research, dialogue and adaptation. 

  • Grounded

    We do our homework to discover practical solutions when approaching problems.

  • Diversity

    We value everyone and will continue to find ways to drive inclusivity through every element of the organization.

  • Kindness

    We will strive to give back to the global community.

  • Sustainability

    We believe in protecting our planet by applying an eco-minded approach to our products’ lifecycle.

  • Upbeat Attitude

    We take our craft seriously, but like to keep it light and positive.

    We believe the future is bright and full of flavour!