How it works?

Made ready to use

Putting fresh-cooked, healthy South Asian meals on the table every night doesn’t have to take tonnes of time and energy.

Each of our meal base kits includes a sauce, marinade or concentrated paste and a finishing spice blend powder. Non-veg? We got you. Vegan? You know we got you, too! 

Modernizing Home Cooking

We make our versatile meal bases the way you would: with great ingredients and aromatic spices, without unnecessary fillers.

Simply add your own fresh ingredients, follow a few easy steps, and a nourishing meal will be ready in half the time you’d need to cook from scratch.

Homemade food for busy people

Let Chilly Paste do the prep so you can focus on what and who matters most.

Our Founder

We identify our product as a MEAL BASE. Our paste, marinade and sauce are paired with a dry finishing spice to form the perfect base to all kinds of recipes.

Our hand-crafted meal bases use fresh ingredients and no additives, it’s prepared to perfection and refrigerated to preserve freshness.

My calling is to inspire home cooks to enjoy meal making without hours of preparation and long lists of ingredients.

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