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Founded in Caledon, Ontario in 2020, ChillyPaste creates delicious handmade spice blends in the form of pastes/marinades/sauces with a finishing powder spice, and pantry essentials including Masala Chai.

When I met my husband 10 years ago, I threw myself into spices and learned how to layer the flavours of regional South Asian cuisine. Trips to India and cooking with my in-laws opened so many new doors. I learned to love everything about spices—from roasting and grinding them, to mixing blends, and cooking them to release their aroma and maximize their flavour.

Then with two kids just over a year apart, and working full time as a Human Resources Consultant, I had less time to create great flavours and satisfying home-cooked meals. We started eating too much takeout and store-bought sauces and shelf stable meal kits.

After noticing the lack of freshness, flavour, and the abundance of fillers in these products with chemicals that alter the taste, it just wasn’t appetizing or healthy. With this problem on hand, I wondered how could I improve our eating habits and still enjoy our favourite indulgent foods?

I set out to make a better meal option that is fresh, wholesome, and delicious. I created my own collection of dry spice blends and cooked sauces, pastes, and marinades. I preserved them in the refrigerator (and sometimes freezer) until ready to use. In very little time I was mixing my pre-made creations with fresh ingredients to make delicious meals; and enjoying more time with my family.

And, yes, every dish was kid-approved!

I shared my meal bases with friends and family. They loved it so much they asked for more! Their appreciation motivated me to turn my love of cooking great food into a business. Independent market research confirmed there was room for preservative-free, hand-crafted, high-quality food products—especially those that allow you to replicate your favourite curry house in your own kitchen.

ChillyPaste aims to make the world a better place through donations in our ‘Paste it Forward’ program, and responsible decision-making. Sustainability is a top priority, and we use recyclable paper containers, compostable bags, reusable glass jars in our packaging. Aside from contributing to people and the planet, I am researching sources of fair-trade spices overseas; and locally re-purposing spice and food waste with other small businesses to benefit the community. I will keep you updated on our progress through the website.

We are modernizing home cooking by offering products for people who want to eat well without preparation being a chore. The absence of preservatives, fillers, and artificial flavourings in my well-balanced meal kits make it a popular choice for health-conscious clients. ChillyPaste was created to give you quick meal bases which nourish your body and satisfy your taste buds.

ChillyPaste provides the base, giving you flexibility to choose your protein. Add fresh ingredients—pulses, legumes or meat—and customize your meals to your taste. Let us inspire you to create delicious, healthy dishes that will delight your family and friends. I’ve done the hard part—now, you take it from here!

Dosto (Friend). Thank you for stopping by and I’m happy to be cooking with you.

Eat, Drink and Khush Raho (be happy) :-)

Amanda Luthra

Founder, ChillyPaste